Hy-Pro has been a household name on the fertilizer market for more than 30 years. And over the past 3 decades our market has become more professional, gardeners in ever increasing numbers want the right fertilizer formula for their mix of crops. Today at Hy-Pro we are very proud of our range of products. We have succeeded in retaining a simple solution and we have added science and research to help us produce better quality products. Hy-Pro Fertilizers are used by professionals all over the world, yet simple and affordable enough for every houseplant- or garden enthusiast to noticeably improve their results. As of 2020 our fertilizer products are sold in more than 1500 stores throughout Europe and our popularity still increases on a yearly basis. 

A quick hello to all my fellow growers,

“I’m the founder of Hy-Pro. I’m Dutch farmer who is in love with nature and people. I created Hy-Pro Fertilizers in 1990, starting it from my passion for plants and I have been succesful in developing our famous easy to use recipe. Over the years the product portofolio has been growing and more specific plant nutrients were added.

I have followed my own philosophy for more than 30 years and I have managed to gather a great team with which I developed a succesful business. Today, my team and Hy-Pro Fertilizers, are in the center of a booming industry, sharing our knowledge and recipes with our clientele all over the world. The rest, as they say, is history.”

W. de Lepper
Founder of Hy-Pro Fertilizers