Hy-Pro Epic Blast Coco

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The Hy-Pro Flowering Boosters are a highly concentrated and powerful flowering enhancer that delivers explosive and proven results. What started 30 years ago as a small fertilizer project has grown into a renowned organisation that focuses on the development and production of liquid plant nutrition and fertilizers. Apart from the research we do in our laboratory, we have always manufactured all products ourselves – ensuring a premium quality at all times. Our carefully crafted flowering booster contains the right quantity of phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients to boost your plants ability to produce sugars. Energy for growth, flowering and producing higher yields. During the flowering phase, plants can deplete these elements in the rhizosphere fairly quickly, on occasion in less than 72 hours. So, how exactly do you get a bigger harvest? Your crop success is the direct result of how attentively you nourish your plants — and the products you use to nourish them. 

Hy-Pro Flowering booster – Epic Blast is a specially developed formula to optimize your plants and crops growing on cocopeat substrates.